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Modtel was created with the objective of assisting companies and manufacturers in obtaining approvals and developing new products in the telecommunications industry with specific projects. Based in São Paulo, our company was born with over 25 years of experience, loaded with our professionals. Our team has in-depth knowledge in the telecommunications industry, gained through its passage and extensive experience in leading technology development companies and operators. It also has expertise in the implementation and maintenance of the ISO 9001 Quality System (qualified certification for audits).

Our main activity is product development, adapting environments and demands demanded by the operator's local network. A development that begins with the customer's need to profit from his network without having to increase his investment. Also in our scope are the areas of agribusiness, mining and IoT.

We carry out analyzes of the products of the network's logical chain and circuits to which they are built to maximize through adjustments. In this process, we offer the development of a product project, internal approvals by regulatory bodies and the development of national and international partners for production.

We conduct our business according to our values:

In this illustration, we can see how the company operates in the telecommunications sector, covering the entire chain of activities, from the provision of services with product supplies to the management of the entire project, with technical assistance and approval by the respective control bodies

MODTEL makes a complete analysis of the companies in the area, whether from suppliers or manufacturers, to present to the operator's market.

Cases e Soluctions

Solutions provided by our company

The Smart Home

Resume: Home automation making people's lives easier.

About the client: With advancing age, the needs for technological facilities become more evident, such as lights that can turn on and off at the touch of a smartphone, instead of moving to a switch that may be on the other side of a room for example.

Challenges: The biggest challenge is the difficulty of installing in a home with pre-existing electrical wiring, in which the conduits are overcrowded, making it impossible to pass new wiring.

How Modtel helped: With a wireless solution, and using existing electrical cabling.

Product development

Resume: Development, approval and commercialization aid for technological products.

About the customer: The rapid evolution of technologies makes product manufacturers easily obsolete, and the market needs new products and suppliers.

Challenges: The manufacturer's inexperience in developing and approving products with the market..

How Modtel helped: Modtel, with its expertise, developed products according to the needs of the market, in addition to procedures for their manufacture and tests of the technical parameters of the product, and their approval by national regulatory bodies.


Our team has deep knowledge in the telecommunications sector

Luiz Marcio Ramos

Managing Partner

Dorival Okada

Product Development

Maria José


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